About Sherpa

We believe that the modern workforce can no longer excel using analogue processes and antiquated technology that is neither integrated nor familiar to younger employees.

To delight customers, and remain competitive, businesses require access to modern tools they can use to drive operational efficiency, inform product development, and capitalise on the human potential of their staff. Founded in 2009 by Jonathan Murray, Sherpa was established to address the changing dynamics and provide businesses with a solution that establishes a new benchmark for best-practices.

Sherpa has attracted the attention of some of Australia’s high-growth brands. These leaders were seeking innovative new methods to achieve national and international success. Sherpa is now used by thousands of employees spread across three continents in industries as diverse as apparel, automotive, entertainment, hospitality, food and beverage, and consumer packaged goods.

We deliver our integrated solutions over the web so people can access the tools they need from anywhere, at any time, on any device. We strive to make technology fun and accessible by delivering innovation through simplicity.

We are committed to working with visionary leaders who want to harness these technologies to inspire a better way of working and a better way of life.

We are always looking for passionate and creative people to join our team, so if our journey interests you, then you interest us.

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